Medals - Youth and Adult

This page contains information on the various medals that can be earned by either youth or adult.

Youth Patriotism

The Patriot Awards were designed to lead youth of the United States to a greater understanding of the amazing legacy we were given by our founding fathers. This legacy has afforded every person in the United States abounding freedoms that are often taken for granted.


The Citizenship award covers a knowledge of our government and its workings that every American should know. The United States expects immigrants that want to obtain citizenship to know and be able to put into practice many details the average American born in the country does not understand or appreciate. This award is to provide that additional appreciation.



The focus of the Freedom Award is to give the participant a greater appreciation of the variety of freedoms that Americans enjoy. While working on this award, you will explore what you consider freedom, what the Declaration of Independence and Constitution say about it, and what your friends and neighbors believe about freedom. You will be exploring these freedoms through visits, interviews, polls, and participation in events that could not happen were it not for the freedom available in the United States.



The Heritage Award explores our rich history to include closer looks at the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, National Historic locations, symbols, and events. Participants will learn wonderful new facts about our country and have ample opportunity to expand their appreciation of the founding of this country.



Thousands of Americans provide great service to this country every day. Without this service, our way of life could not continue. These Americans are the soldiers that shield us from foreign dangers, the police and firemen that protect our lives and property, and so many others that fill in the gap to make America a shining example. This award will have you meet and talk with these service personnel and provide you guidance to contribute your own service to your home, community and even your nation.