Joining Information

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 777. We meet at the Northminster Presbyterian Church in Diamond Bar each Tuesday from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm. Troop 777 provides a well rounded scout program for boys. We have at least one outing a month which is selected by the boy leaders in our troop. The outings include hikes, drive-in campouts, and each year, a snow campout, a military base outing, summer camp and a special week long activity during Easter school break.

Our Troop

Scouting is a boy-run program in Troop 777. And as such, it may appear at times not to be as organized as an adult might run it. But by being given the opportunity to be leaders, the boys become leaders. In order to make sure that our Scouts have the greatest opportunity to mature as leaders and planners, we always encourage parents to become members of Troop 777 and learn what scouting is all about.

Advancement is also an integral part of our Troop program, both indoors and outdoors. The requirement for badges of rank suggest plenty of troop meetings, hikes, and camp activities. As Scouts take part in our Troop programs they learn skills and so are helped to advance. hey don’t quite automatically advance through participation, although advancement is a result of participation. Advancement is a personal and individual thing. Each boy advances according to his own interests, abilities, and participation. Each boy advances by personally demonstrating his own capability. He does not advance by being a passive participant in our Troop program.

Joining Requirements

The following information will provide information on the policies of the troop and the needed equipment for each Scout. The Scoutmaster is Mr. Martin Cardenas. He can be reached either by  or by phone, 909.396.8653, if you have any additional questions.

To become a Boy Scout, each boy must:

  • Get an “Application to Become a Boy Scout,” fill it out, and have his parent or guardian sign it. This is a requirement for each Webelos Scout to recieve his Arrow of Light.
  • Pay the joining fee and dues. (Check with troop leaders for the cost)
  • Get a uniform . This should be done within two weeks of registering.
  • Review the Joining Requirements (page 4 of the Boy Scout Handbook) with the Scoutmaster (called a Scoutmaster Conference). This should be done within one month of registering.

Uniform for Troop 777

The Class “A” uniform except for the merit badge sash is to be worn at all troop meetings and when traveling on scout activities. The Troop 777 T-shirt should be worn under the Class “A” shirt at all times.

Uniforms and patches can be obtained from the following locations:

  • San Gabriel Valley Council – Smiser Scout Center
    3450 East Sierra Madre Blvd
    Pasadena, CA
    (626) 351-8815
  • California Inland Empire Council – Old Baldy Scout Shop
    4650 Arrow Highway, Suite B1 – B3
    Montclair, CA 91763

Camping Equipment

Without the OUTING, the word SCOUTING is missing a great deal. As a Scout, you will be doing lots of camping. What will you need on a campout? Here is a useful check list.

Troop Advancement

All advancement requirements MUST be approved by registered Scouts ONLY. This usually means any Troop 777 Scout who is a Patrol Leader or First Class or higher and has attended the Troop Youth Leader Training. Parents do not approve rank requirements.

Adult Leaders

You can enrich the lives of boys and make a difference in the kind of men they become by becoming involved. Scouts with involved parents are also much more likely to become Eagle Scouts. Please take time to read about Adult Leaders.

Additional Information For New Troop Members

  • Annual Health and Medical Record is required to ensure the health safety of your son so we are alerted to any medical problems that he may have. Please fill out the forms completely and have your family physician sign where required.
  • Authorization and Consent to Treat Minor, gives the Scoutmaster and/or his Assistants the power to have your son treated in case of an emergency while on a campout or outing. This form MUST be signed by BOTH parents and witnessed. Without this consent, Scouts WILL NOT be not be allowed to participate in troop outings.
  • Troop Resource Survey: Parents are asked to fill out this form upon registering their son.
  • Parent Consent Forms for Trips and Tours are given to the Scouts about a month before the outing. The forms MUST be signed and turned into the Troop with fees in cash on the Tuesday stated on the top of the consent form or your son may not be allowed to attend the outing.
  • Dues are $55.00 per year. In addition, camp-out fees of $60.00 are collected eacg year to cover the costs of reserving campgrounds. This additional fee does not cover food or transportation for the outings. Our Troop year runs from October through September. Dues can be paid on which ever basis is most convenient. A boy CANNOT attend an outing or receive awards if he is behind in his dues. Dues will pay for rank awards, merit badges, re-registration fees and Boys’ Life. Make checks payable to “Boy Scout Troop 777”.
  • Troop newsletters keep you advised and informed on the Troop’s activities. This web site also provides helpful information.
  • There are monthly parent’s meetings with the Troop Committee; all parents are invited. They are usually held at the Northminster Presbyterian Church on the last Tuesday of each month and begin at 7:00 pm.